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Pet Policy:


At Birch Harbor Resort, we love animals. However, we do not allow guests to bring pets to the resort or in the cabins. Thank you for your understanding. 

These are our pets that you may see around the resort:

I'm Milo

I enjoy looking for turtles, bunnies, and snakes, and I like people more than other dogs. I like to be loved, so if I lean on you or put my head between your legs it’s just because it comforts me and I want to be pet. If you've got hands they should be petting me!

Breed - Golden Doodle

Color - Black/Gray/Ombre

Age - 12

Gender - Male

Nicknames - Miles, Meathead

I'm Snickers

I enjoy hunting and cat nip. I still have the meow of a baby and I want loving from my humans.

Breed - Domestic

Color - Tabby

Age - 10

Gender - Male

Nicknames - Snick, Snicky, Snicky Butt

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